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St Ayles Skiff Rowing

The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association was formed in May 2010 to stimulate boat building and encourage rowing and racing of coastal rowing boats around the Scottish Coastline.  Communities are encouraged to become involved in the building of new boats, principally the St Ayles skiff, a design inspired by a Fair Isle boat and commissioned by the Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther This has generated a growing enthusiasm for skiff rowing in coastal communities around Scotland and beyond, there being well over hundred SCRA registered skiffs around the Scottish coast with many more south of the border and in Ireland. The popularity of the sport has seen rapid growth in in America, Canada, Australia, Holland and beyond

Generous funding support from Fife Council enabled a group of enthusiastic local amateurs to acquire the materials and with the support of WBC commenced building the first skiff in May 2014. “Catalina” was launched in September 20104.

We have also worked with Ralph Webster to build “The Flying Boat” which took to the water in March 2015. Ralph has loaned “The Flying Boat” into the care of WBC, specifically for community use.

Most new members have little or no previous boating experience and since the first launch the skiffs have been in the water on a regular basis, 3 - 4 times a week summer and winter. We also participated in regattas around the country, each of which is great fun and an excellent learning experience. A training programme has been developed for those keen to improve and compete.  Social rowing remains ever popular, however!

Rowing can offer an introduction to the water for those who do not or cannot sail. Keen to be as inclusive as possible, we will be encouraging participation from, for example, youth groups, people with disabilities and anyone who simply wants to have a go.  During the winter months there will be rowing each weekend – weather and tides permitting.

For further information contact our rowing captain,
Elizabeth Downes on  07706480269
or go to the Skiff Rowing Blog

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